Did Nyungar women practise the earliest form of acupuncture?

  Early Nyungar hunter-gathers understood the efficacy of pain-relief using techniques similar to those employed in acupuncture or acupressure. These included rubbing, applying pressure and sucking painful areas on the human body. As we know ourselves the body’s natural response to pain, such as that of a headache, is to automatically rub the area (e.g. … Continued

Walking in the Drummond Nature Reserve

Yesterday we went walking in the Drummond Nature Reserve, northwest of Toodyay.  It was a relaxing day as we walked through bushland of Xanthorrhea (grass tree), she-oak, wandoo, marri and wildflowers. We tried to capture some impressions of the place and the wildlife that we encountered.      

Aborigines of the King George Sound region 1836-1838

This book can be purchased at Hesperian Press. The collected known works of James Browne have been annotated with explanatory notes by Ken Macintyre and Dr Barb Dobson in order to provide a biographical and ethnohistorical context. Where Browne has omitted to use the traditional Noongar terms for artefacts and known ceremonial rituals, these have been … Continued