The parallel universe – the land of the jinns

Throughout human history all cultures have been captivated by a belief in invisible parallel worlds inhabited by small beings. We can call them fairies, elves, gnomes, leprechauns, woodatji or jinns. They all serve the same function – to control behaviour and to give a rational explanation of the “unexplainable.” The Sasak villagers of Western Lombok … Continued

Betanggeq: Arabic influence in Western Lombok folk medicine

In 1996 while researching healing practices in Western Lombok, I had the good fortune to meet one of the last remaining Belian Daraq (blood physicians) who practiced a form of wet cupping (blood letting) using a buffalo horn or tanggeq. This technique was known as betanggeq. Tools of the trade include a buffalo horn (tanggeq) (pictured … Continued

Retributive love magic practice in Lombok

THE JILTED SUITOR’S REVENGE The villagers looked up as they heard the frenetic shrieks and screams of a young woman running down the main street tripping over her sarong as she tried to take it off. Getting back onto her feet she pulled off her blouse exposing her naked breasts. She then ran on, screaming and laughing hysterically … Continued

Psychic surgeons of the Western Desert

Based on observations and field notes from the Western Desert between 1973 and 1999, Ken and Barb have published this article which discusses psychic surgeons of the Western Australian desert.

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