The conveyor of souls: the Pied Cormorant

“… in the Faroe Islands, Siberia, and among the Ipiutak of Alaska, for example, diving birds are thought to ferry spirits of the dead to the next world, situated under water rather than in the heavens”

The Puzzle of the Bardi Grub in Nyungar Culture

As anthropologists we have often been confused by the use of the indigenous terms bardi and witchetty used to describe edible grubs in Australia.  These terms are often used interchangeably to the point where bardi becomes defined as a witjuti grub and vice versa.  How confusing is that?

Report on the “Owl stone” Aboriginal site at Red Hill, northeast of Perth

Consulting anthropologists Ken Macintyre and Dr Barbara Dobson were invited by members of the Combined Swan River and Swan Coastal Plains and Darling Ranges Nyungar Elders, Native Title Holders and Traditional Owners (CSR & SCP) to investigate and record a prominent standing stone (“owl stone”) on Hanson’s Lot 11 as the Elders were concerned that … Continued

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